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address:No.1204,Building 3,No.595,Jinzhou Road,Jinniu High tech Industrial Park,Chengdu,Sichuan Province

  The company was founded in 1997 and headquartered in the Land of Abundance(Chengdu).After 25 years of development,it was renamed as a comprehensive company integrating surveying and mapping engineering,surveying and mapping instrument sales,surveying and mapping software research and development,system integration,and integrated professional and large-scale services(Zhongyi Dixin Surveying and Mapping(Chengdu)Group Co.,Ltd.).It is currently one of the surveying and mapping instrument high-tech companies with large investment scale and strong financial strength in the surveying and mapping industry in Sichuan Province.

  The company is composed of product marketing department,software development department,surveying and mapping engineering system integration department,after-sales maintenance department,and other departments.Currently,there are 10 measurement engineers,3 maintenance engineers specializing in surveying and mapping instruments with 17 years of work experience,4 measurement professional software R&D technicians,and more than 30 sales team members with professional capabilities.They make the company more professional and provide customers with measurement solutions,after-sales services,communication,and cooperation.The company currently mainly sells domestic and foreign 3D laser scanner series,aerial survey drone series,total station series,theodolite series,level gauge series,distance measuring instrument,measurement type GNSS receiver,handheld high-precision GIS,pipeline detector,non-destructive testing equipment,geotechnical test experimental equipment,and other conventional measuring instruments as well as related surveying and mapping accessories.At the same time,it develops and sells:digital mapping software,tunnel section surrounding rock convergence,road software Dam deformation monitoring unattended software,geological disaster landslide monitoring and measurement software,high-speed railway CP3 software settlement analysis software,precision monitoring airborne software,adjustment software,The Surveying and Mapping Engineering Department holds a Class B qualification certificate for surveying and mapping to undertake various engineering surveying projects(control surveying,digital topographic cadastral surveying,underwater topographic surveying,aerial photography,municipal engineering,water conservancy,engineering surveying,deformation observation,route survey,urban and rural planning and alignment survey,underground pipeline survey,boundary location,completion,construction,earthwork area measurement,setting out,etc.),while leasing,replacing,maintaining,and verifying,Acquisition of second-hand total station instruments,GNSS,G-terminal measurement robots,high-speed rail fine tuning cars,three-dimensional laser scanners,unmanned aerial vehicles,etc.The after-sales maintenance department undertakes maintenance,verification,and calibration services for surveying and mapping instruments at home and abroad.

  The company is not only the general agent of Topcon,Pentax,Tianbao Spectrometer,Zhongwei,and other brands in Sichuan,but also the authorized general agent of domestic brands such as Suzhou Yiguang,Nanfang Ruide,Kelida,Zhonghaida,Huaxing,Huashi,Situoli,and Sinan,as well as the designated maintenance center in southwest China.The company has always adhered to the principle of"integrity,excellence,dedication,and service",with excellent service,preferential prices,and wholeheartedly solving problems for customers.

  Currently,the company has deployed a variety of instruments and equipment for industries such as land,planning,water conservancy,electricity,highway,transportation,geology,and universities in the province,and has played a very important role.For five consecutive years,the company has been rated as one of the top 100 honest distributors in the surveying and mapping geographic information industry in the country Z,and has established a good reputation and reputation in Sichuan and even the country.Through 20 years of development,the company has been established in Chongqing,Guiyang,Kunming,Tibet,Xichang,Ya'an,Leshan,In Mianyang,Guangyuan,Nanchong,Bazhong,Dazhou,Luzhou,Yibin,Neijiang,Zigong,and other places,there are physical branch office liaison offices,covering sales support service networks in the three southwestern provinces and all over the country,providing comprehensive service assurance for customers.

  The company will continue to maintain its excellent tradition,establish a 20-year old brand corporate image,"integrity,focus,innovation,development"business philosophy and service objectives,corporate culture,and spare no effort to provide solutions for the Z country's surveying and mapping system and geographic information,so that the national surveying and mapping industry can synchronize with the world!Inherit cutting-edge culture,create surveying and mapping value,and expand the great cause!We sincerely provide professional services to our customers.

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