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Mine Safety Detection Solution

Mine Safety Detection Solution

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  • Detailed introduction

  Comprehensive mine monitoring system

  In recent years,the rapid rise of China's mining industry has strongly promoted the rapid development of the national economy.The space and place of mining activities are in a constantly changing process,and the working environment and safety situation are very complex,posing a significant threat to safe production.The Huadian Monitoring Integration Division has many years of technical experience in the field of mine monitoring,and is at the leading technical level in monitoring fields such as open-pit mine slope monitoring,tailing pond safety monitoring,and goaf surface subsidence monitoring.Based on the industry characteristics of different monitoring fields,the Huadian Monitoring Integration Division applies the"Huadian Automatic Deformation Monitoring System"and foreign advanced radar monitoring technology to mine monitoring,which can comprehensively improve the safety supervision level of mining enterprises and enhance the early warning and response capabilities of enterprises,society,and government to disasters.

  Sensor subsystem

  The sensor subsystem consists of a GNSS receiver,a measuring robot,a fixed inclinometer,a osmometer,a rain gauge,an ultrasonic liquid level meter,a laser ranging sensor,an anchor dynamometer,and a high-definition camera.

  Data transmission subsystem

  Wired transmission includes optical fiber,network cable,RS485,RS422,etc;Wireless transmission includes wireless bridge,2G/3G communication module,Zigbee,etc.Using a combination of wired and wireless communication,a better communication scheme can be arranged according to the actual on-site environment.

  Data processing and control subsystem

  The data processing and control subsystem is the data processing and analysis center of the entire monitoring system and the monitoring center of the system.The monitoring center server collects,processes,stores,analyzes,displays,and alarms various sensor data in real time.

  Auxiliary technology subsystem

  The auxiliary system includes power supply,lightning protection,integrated wiring,etc.,to ensure the safety,stability,and long-term continuous operation of the entire system.

  System characteristics

  ·Flexible communication combination scheme to ensure stable transmission of monitoring data;Optimized field power supply technologies such as photovoltaic array power point tracking technology and wind-solar complementation ensure that the monitoring system operates continuously 24 hours a day

  ·Free combination of GPS,GLONASS,and BDS,multi-system joint solution,and support for independent Beidou solution;The system has high accuracy,sensitive monitoring,and is less affected by meteorological factors;

  ·The system achieves highly automated monitoring,reducing labor costs;Multi sensor integrated technology,all-round monitoring;

  ·B/S architecture monitoring software allows you to view system monitoring results using a browser.It is convenient and fast to support mobile client login to the system,and it is convenient and fast to view data and alarm information

  Industry Advantages

  Industry solutions are flexible,and there are a variety of monitoring solutions applicable to various fields,such as online monitoring systems for tailings ponds,online monitoring systems for open pit mining sites,waste dump sites,and goaf settlement monitoring systems.

  The application of GNSS monitoring technology in the industry involving open-pit mine slopes is early,and the monitoring system has been established and continuously operated for over 5 years;There are many cases,such as:Inner Mongolia Heidaigou,Yunnan Xiaolongtan,Inner Mongolia Datang,Heilongjiang Dalianhe,Inner Mongolia Yiminhe Open Pit Mine,Fujian Zijin Mining,etc.

  Based on practical application cases,we have established a research and development team in close cooperation with industry renowned universities(China University of Mining and Technology,Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology,Northern Polytechnic University,and China University of Geosciences);It provides effective guarantee for the research and development of new products and technologies.

  There are over 100 cases of online monitoring systems for tailings ponds in China,meeting the acceptance standards of various provinces and cities,and having rich experience in project construction.

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