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Comprehensive solution for 3D laser scanner

Comprehensive solution for 3D laser scanner

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  • Detailed introduction

  Application background

  With the development of technology and social progress,people in all walks of life have an increasing demand for information technology.Information needs to be collected through some means,and the construction of informatization also puts forward higher requirements for information collection equipment and collection results.For example,in the fields of construction,architecture,cultural protection,surveying and mapping,traditional measurement methods such as total station,RTK,and other equipment cannot meet the requirements of comprehensively reflecting the current situation due to their discrete point measurement results,which is also very inefficient,difficult to control accuracy,and difficult to reuse data.The obsolescence of measurement methods has also become a major factor restricting information construction such as BIM and CIM.


  Use a Z+F three-dimensional laser scanner for measurement,with massive three-dimensional point cloud data that fully reflects the on-site situation,and millimeter level accuracy to ensure that the measurement results meet the requirements;

  Z+F 3D laser scanner is a portable scanning device that is easy to operate,greatly reducing labor costs and field work time;

  The Z+F 3D laser scanner has strong data compatibility and can be imported into platforms such as CAD,3DMAX,REVIT,and arcGIS to achieve one-time data collection and multiple utilization.

  Office processing

  Data preprocessing

  Import the collected raw data into a computer and use the equipment's own processing software for preprocessing,mainly including noise removal,site splicing,control coordinate conversion,color point cloud generation,data cutting and export,and other steps.

  Post processing

  Data post processing

  Use professional processing software to post process data and generate relevant required results.

  Application range of 3D laser scanner:

  Factory renovation,agriculture,forestry,tunnel survey,mine survey,steel structure detection,goaf detection,cultural relics protection

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