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Mine Survey Solutions

Mine Survey Solutions

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  • Detailed introduction

  There are more than 4000 mines and design units nationwide.In recent years,the National Development and Reform Commission,the National Energy Administration,and the Ministry of Natural Resources have successively issued numerous programmatic documents,such as the Action Plan for Energy Technology Revolution and Innovation(2016-2030),the 13th Five Year Plan for the Development of the Coal Industry,the 13th Five Year Plan for Safe Production,and the Outline of the 14th Five Year Plan for Natural Resources,which provide guidance on the digitization,intelligence Guiding requirements for safe production,development of green mines,and ecological restoration of mines have been proposed,indicating the direction for the construction and development of mining enterprises during the 14th Five Year Plan period.Mine surveying needs to adapt to the rhythm of mine production and has a high frequency of measurement.Currently,most mining enterprises still use the traditional RTK method to update mine topographic map surveying and earthwork estimation,and the efficiency of measurement cannot meet the production schedule of the mine.At the same time,they also face the problem of safe operation of personnel in the complex terrain environment of the mine.

  System characteristics

  Utilize 100Hz image-free control mapping technology.

  The advantages of vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing and medium frame cameras complement each other,effectively solving survey scenarios in open pit mines with strong wind environments and large terrain elevation differences,while avoiding safety issues for ground operators.

  Single sortie operation area:24km square meters

  Field collection

  In the field data collection phase,the base station is first erected.Due to the use of image control free measurement technology,the base station needs to be erected at known points.Then,the drone installation,communication link connection,and pre flight safety inspection are performed.


  In the data preprocessing stage,the differential data collected by the 100Hz differential module and the base station data are first exported,and then the original photos are exported from the camera to obtain high-precision location information in the CGO.They are uniformly imported into the airborne triangulation software to obtain the precise spatial coordinates of each photo.After that,accuracy verification is performed through the checkpoints obtained in the preparation stage,and an accuracy report is exported.

  Empty three encryption

  Import the image and pos information into the KongSan software,import it into the contextCapture software,and optimize it to a qualified value for KongSan processing.After completing the empty three,ContextCapture software performs automated modeling tasks.

  Data production

  According to the project requirements,first generate orthographic images,and determine whether to generate DEM and DSM based on the requirements.For mine requirements,it is necessary to perform rapid earthwork calculation based on the point cloud obtained from the spatial solution,and export a report.

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